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Content Restrictions

We are unable to produce some types of content due to legality and restrictions imposed by Visa and MasterCard. If you make a request including these, we will ask that you change your request. These are subject to change, so check back before submitting your request.

We cannot produce content containing the following:

  • underage role play
  • anything with racial slurs or symbols
  • blood (fake or real)
  • urine or feces (animated, actual, real, or implied)
  • no guns or knives
  • violence (excluding consensual BDSM)
  • bestiality or sex acts between creatures (aliens, half-humans, half-animals, animals, etc)
  • rape role-play
  • use of drugs or alcohol (smoking tobacco is okay)
  • incest role play (step relatives okay)
  • hypnosis
  • sleeping
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